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 Calibration Management Software
 Calibration Software
 Coating Process and Production Software
 Data Logger Evaluation Software
 Emissions calculations
 Energy Audit Software
 Energy Management Software
 Energy Monitoring and Targeting Software
 Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)
 Hydraulic Analysis Software
 Inventory Management
 Leak Detection
 Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation Software
 Operator Training Simulation Software
 Particle Counter Software
 Plant Automation
 Product Movement
 Real-Time Monitoring Software (HMI)
 Robotics Software
 Rotordynamic Analysis Software
 Sales Quoting Software
 Shop Data Management
 Software for CFM Calculation
 Software for Duct Sizing
 Software for Finding Air Flow
 Software for Geophysical Study
 Software for HVAC
 Software for Materials Science
 Software for Mineralogy
 Software for Pressure/Temperature Charts for 12 refrigerants on Palm device
 Software for Sizing Belts
 Software for Thermochemistry
 Software for Thermophysical Properties
 Statistical Process Control Software
 Tank Gauging
 Telemetry Software
 Utility Data Management
 Weighing, Software
 Well Log Analysis Software
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 Control Systems
( 3 Companies )
  Materials Management
( 1 Company )
  Plant Automation
 Pollution Control
  Project Management
 Safety/Risk Analysis
 Security Systems
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Dynamic Analysis Software, Failure Analysis Software, Finite Element Software, more...
  Control Systems
Automated Data Collection Software, Data Management Software, Distributed Control Systems, more...
Air Cyclones Selection and Design Software, AirHeater Design Software, API Tank and Pressure Design Software, more...
CAD Package, Flow Diagram Generator Software,
Performance Monitoring Software, Software Certification, Software for Inspection Companies, more...
  Materials Management
Assets Management Software, Inventory Control Software, Inventory Management Software, more...
Electronic Catalogs, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Document Mgmt, more...
  Plant Automation
Control Automation Software, Diagnostic tools, Software, Mechanical Integrity Software, more...
  Pollution Control
Emissions Monitoring Software, Environmental Software, Leak History Software, more...
  Project Management
Accounting Software, Business Automation Software, Cost/Estimating Software, more...
  Safety/Risk Analysis
Hazard Analysis Software, Hazardous Materials Database, Health Monitoring Software, more...
  Security Systems
Access Control & Attendance Monitoring Software, Access Control & Attendance Recording System, Access Control System, more...